Jan 022015

Hope everyone had a good holiday and a fun time last night.  Take a moment to read the New Orleans Living Magazine, they have a writeup on us on page 40.  We appreciate the good press and Rachael for helping them out.

Now for the weekend update.  As always, check our Ride Calendar for all bicycle related events going on in & around the city!  Saturday might be a washout, but we’re looking forward to a Sunday Funday.  Some of the NOLASR family are heading out to the Bonnet Carre Spillway to hit the [NOMAMBO] Spillway MTB Trail.  If you want to hit the trail & want to share a ride, check out the Facebook Event.  Another part of the family is giving a Cemetery Bicycle Tour in the morning.  Both groups meeting at 9:30AM.

Quite a few other groups having events lined up this weekend too;

The Semi-Tough Cycling Club has their usual Pagoda Cafe Club Ride early Saturday morning at at 7AM.  It’s a fun/fast group ride into the East.

Bike Smut is in town and will be showing a film for adults at the Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center Saturday night.  A meetup is planned at 7PM at the Parkview Tavern in Mid-City if you want to ride with others to the show.  The show is at 9PM & more info can be found in their Facebook Event.

Bike Easy is continuing to partner with the Confederacy of Cruisers for the Prospect3 Rides.  Tours run every weekend until January 25th.

If we missed something let us know.  The rest of the weekly rides will be posted later, but you can start planning by checking the Ride Calendar.  Also, if you want to see us do something we haven’t done yet.  Please let us know!