Apr 162016

The first sightings: The first event on WWOZ’s website & The first event on Facebook

Happy Saturday!!
3 years ago today the MUSIC ride was born and it’s alive and well
Maybe it’s time for our to join us!

This weeks Music ride will be a party, a bike ride and a celebration of bike riding for MUSIC every Tuesday for the last three years!
Or motivation to ride is live music it guides us to our stops. 3 years something must’ve been right about it. Bringing lifelong Nola residents to places they didn’t even know existed. What we do on Tuesdays to my knowledge is unique, there is no other ride like this anywhere in the world. So we aren’t the biggest ride and we aren’t the “hey look at me ride” we are the MUSIC RIDE and we spread the vibe of Happy Tuesday! ????????
It ain’t for everyone but Thursday’s aren’t for everyone either. Get in where you fit in but just get in !!!music-ride-2

This week’s event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/728942830580731/

If you’ve never done the Music Ride, you are missing out!  It’s one of a kind!  And most of all: