Jan 142012

Do you like taking picture?  NOLA.com has an opportunity for you photographers out there.  A photo contest is open until the end of this month.  The following is taken from this article by Diya Chacko.

“…Since there are so many of you, we’re bringing back our hugely successful contest from last January asking y’all to show off your bikes.

For January 2012, send us photos of your bike, scenes of New Orleans
from your bike, photos of your group rides — basically your best
representation of “NOLA from your bike.” We’ll be taking submissions
until midnight on Monday, Jan. 31.

Upload your photos to the user gallery January 2012 Photo Contest: NOLA from your bike
and don’t forget the captions! After that, photo editors from The
Times-Picayune will choose the best 10, and you will vote on the winner,
who will receive an 8″ x 12″ glossy print of his or her photo…”