Jun 102012

John Spud McConnell on WWL AM870/105.3FM talked about bicycle safety with the Louisiana-Mississippi Bicycle Racing
Association, Randy Legeai. The show aired on April 27 2012.

The program can be heard by directing your browser to http://tiny.cc/xr0pfw.

If you, or someone you know, have been in an bicycle related incident please help Bike Easy gather data as they hope to highlight ‘hotspots’.  Go to BikeEasy.org/Map and file a report!

Apr 012012
4512cruzies.jpg   The Cruzy’s

are our annual awards ceremony.  We found a great way to recognize the passion we all share for getting
together, riding bicycles, & having fun all over this great city!  We will come together on April 5th at Squeal Bar-B-Q at 7pm.  We
plan on socializing, some dinner will be provided, and drinks will be
available.  We’ll have a small ceremony where we’ll distribute our
awards, and then go for a short cruise!
is a great chance to meet cruisers from other parts of town i
f you only ride when HAPPY THURSDAY comes to your part of town.  So
come on out even if you don’t plan on riding as we will be hanging out
for a couple hours.  If you have never been on a ride, you are invited
as well.  Come see what we are all about!

There will be a limited amount of free food & drinks.
  In order to offset the cost of Squeal catering our event,
are holding a raffle to support the Cruzy Awards!  Raffle tickets are $2,
and you can buy as
many as you want!  Some of the items feature NOLA Social Ride T-shirts,
Coffee Mugs, Stickers, and Totes.  Please buy raffle tickets by
donating using this link, or you can wait until the day of the Cruzy’s and buy them there.  We have 21 prizes in total, so make sure to get multiple tickets for your chance at multiple prizes!

We’ve decided on 15 categories for our awards, and have several nominations.  Visit http://nolasocialride.org/cruzies.html for a list of categories, see nominations, and submit your
recommendation for the person that fits each category best.  In order to
decide the winner of each category, WE NEED YOU!  Please vote here!

Squeal Bar-B-Q is located at 8400 Oak Street.  Click here for a map to help you join us.

of course remember;
Happy Thursday!, Everday
Less Gears = More Cheers!

Jan 142012

Do you like taking picture?  NOLA.com has an opportunity for you photographers out there.  A photo contest is open until the end of this month.  The following is taken from this article by Diya Chacko.

“…Since there are so many of you, we’re bringing back our hugely successful contest from last January asking y’all to show off your bikes.

For January 2012, send us photos of your bike, scenes of New Orleans
from your bike, photos of your group rides — basically your best
representation of “NOLA from your bike.” We’ll be taking submissions
until midnight on Monday, Jan. 31.

Upload your photos to the user gallery January 2012 Photo Contest: NOLA from your bike
and don’t forget the captions! After that, photo editors from The
Times-Picayune will choose the best 10, and you will vote on the winner,
who will receive an 8″ x 12″ glossy print of his or her photo…”

Jun 042011

Thumbnail image for NOLASocialRide.jpgNOLA Social Ride, born in 2010,  is an organization of like minded people…and by like minded we mean: “We Like Bikes.”  We own them, ride them, build them, decorate them, have fun on them, and live life on them.  This group is a place for all NOLA bike lovers, if you’re a slow cruiser or speed racer, we will have an event for you.  Our Thursday ride began as a monthly event in the fall of 2010, but have since grown into Happy Thursday and is now weekly and has been steadily growing since its inception.  The Wednesday Rabid Ride has been going steady since 2011, and has a dedicated following of mashers getting their training each week.  There are also other events that are being posted as well, and we hope to eventually have a ride for each day of the week!


The Happy Thursday Rides meet at different locations around NOLA, ride at a cruising pace, and end at a local wateringhole for a few beers.  We like to describe it as “Slow Miles with More Smiles”, and it’s our biggest party ride!

The Wednesday Rabid Ride meets at the New Orleans Museum of art each Wednesday at 6:30PM, and is a mad mash around City Park.  If you are looking to get fit, this is the ride for you!

There are also 2 new rides for 2013!  A Sunday Detox/Retox Ride, as well as an Early Bird Ride that can be on Saturday or Sunday (just check back, we post the times).  Both are medium-paced, so you don’t have to be on a fast bike or be in great shape to keep up!


NOLA Social Ride is always looking for more Ride leaders:

Are you a yoga instructor and interested in spreading the world of flexibility with bikers?  Are you a Speed Fanatic and want to lead a Mad Dash? Want to do a Poker Ride? Farmer’s Market Ride?  Kid-Friendly Rides? Have other ideas that you would love to turn into a fun social biking event?  We are always looking to people to organize weekly/monthly/one-off rides, and we are here to help make it happen.  We know that if we can get people on bikes, the city will become more bike friendly.  Interested?..consider Emailing Us. 

Signup for our Email Blast:  Here

Also consider clicking and printing the above Thumbnail Poster to help grow. 

People, Bikes, and NOLA

Our poster was designed by Sophie Gallo at http://www.sophiegallodesign.com.