Jun 102011

WWL broke the story this afternoon. If you ride around the French Quarter, or anywhere else in the City of New Orleans, I would make sure to know and start following the laws.

Video from WWLTV.com
Simple Tips:
  • Stop at Stop Signs and Lights
  • Ride with Traffic
  • Front and Rear Lights
  • Signal Turns
Here are some websites that state specific laws for Louisiana Bicyclists: 
Jun 042011

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Do you enjoy getting on your bike and just riding? Maybe you are a Speed Demon and enjoy Alley Cat Races? Or are you a Foodie and want to show new friends the “It Places to Eat.” 

NOLA Social Ride wants group rides to happen everyday of the week, be it a morning yoga ride to the Mississippi or a Dusk Tai Chai ride to the Lake. The group outing or theme would at your discretion but the philosophy, behind the ride, would have to be is the same: “The more bicyclists we get on the streets of New Orleans. The more accepting New Orleanians will be to the biking community. We make our presence know through good times and leave no evidence of our visit.”
As you and NOLA Social Ride knows, New Orleans is a party town and everyone likes to have a good time. With that being said, the only way to win over everyone, vehicle drivers included, is to show that people can have a fun time on bicycles.    
If you are interested in helping to lead a ride contact us: HERE.