Mar 142013

Did you know Tulane had a cycling team?  They compete in the South-Central Collegiate Cycling Conference (SCCC), & do quite well.  Some members competed in the Rouge Roubaix Gran Fondo last weekend in St. Francisville.

For the not so competitive, Tulane University’s Reily Student Recreation Center has a bike ride series that takes tours of neighborhoods as well as to various markets.  Their website and Facebook has all the latest info on the rides, but here is their flier.  On Sunday the 17th, if there isn’t enough going on already, they will be touring the Vieux Carre on bikes.  They require a helmet and you to sign your life away via a waiver, but we checked and non-Tulane students are more than welcome to join.  So check the flier out and join them for a Sunday stroll through the City Center or to the market. 

Tulane Reily Center Bike Series 2013.jpg

Contact us if you are interested in helping us organize a reoccurring
ride to Hollygrove Market or the Crescent City Farmer’s Market.  Our email is
Apr 012012
4512cruzies.jpg   The Cruzy’s

are our annual awards ceremony.  We found a great way to recognize the passion we all share for getting
together, riding bicycles, & having fun all over this great city!  We will come together on April 5th at Squeal Bar-B-Q at 7pm.  We
plan on socializing, some dinner will be provided, and drinks will be
available.  We’ll have a small ceremony where we’ll distribute our
awards, and then go for a short cruise!
is a great chance to meet cruisers from other parts of town i
f you only ride when HAPPY THURSDAY comes to your part of town.  So
come on out even if you don’t plan on riding as we will be hanging out
for a couple hours.  If you have never been on a ride, you are invited
as well.  Come see what we are all about!

There will be a limited amount of free food & drinks.
  In order to offset the cost of Squeal catering our event,
are holding a raffle to support the Cruzy Awards!  Raffle tickets are $2,
and you can buy as
many as you want!  Some of the items feature NOLA Social Ride T-shirts,
Coffee Mugs, Stickers, and Totes.  Please buy raffle tickets by
donating using this link, or you can wait until the day of the Cruzy’s and buy them there.  We have 21 prizes in total, so make sure to get multiple tickets for your chance at multiple prizes!

We’ve decided on 15 categories for our awards, and have several nominations.  Visit for a list of categories, see nominations, and submit your
recommendation for the person that fits each category best.  In order to
decide the winner of each category, WE NEED YOU!  Please vote here!

Squeal Bar-B-Q is located at 8400 Oak Street.  Click here for a map to help you join us.

of course remember;
Happy Thursday!, Everday
Less Gears = More Cheers!