Aug 132014

Sunday Funday at the Spillway

Meet at Dio Bikes, 4208 Erato St., at 10-10:30am and we should try to roll out by 11am if at all possible!

It is tropical out there so you will need bug spray with Deet( West nile), cooler with drinks, sun block, and mountain bikes or cycle cross bikes! The plan is to ride the trail all the way through have a celebratory beer and if we still have energy we can go again.If 1 time is good enough for ya then that’s awesome too! There is a massive pavilion to hang out under and drink! It is ok if the faster folks wanna hit the trail hard and the slower folks take it at their own pace because it is a loop and there are some parts where we will see everyone headed both ways! If you want us to haul your bike for you while you ride in someone’s car that is also fine just let us know!


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