DIY Bike Lights


DIY Wheel Lights:

Check out this video showing the installation of low-cost LED light strings onto your bike wheels:

Here are links to the materials:


Retroreflective Tape Kits:


More Funky Lights:



In no particular order, here are some bike lights that our riders have bought/used to funk out their bikes.  Feel free to peruse this list and grab something for your bike!   This is NOT a list for headlights/taillights (make a separate doc for that)

Feel free to add to the list so we can continue to keep our rides looking great!  Just remember, this list is a resource, NOT an endorsement!


Pre-Made LED Light Strip Kits:


EL Wire:

DIY and EL Wire Packages:


Flowing EL Wire:


EL Tape/Flat Panels:


EL Wire Soldering Howto: Tape for DIY EL Wire splicing:

Note: For best results use the copper tape method – without it the connection is much more fragile


Wheel Lights:

USB Rechargeable Wheel Lights:

Monkey Lights:


Spoke Swag/Soul Cruzers (Similar to Cyclelights without protective tubing):http://www.spokeswag.com


Spokelit by Nite Ize:

FlexPro N-Vision:

NoriLights (UV activated rim lights):

Hokey Spokes (not as bright as Monkey Lights or others, but they do exist and are cheaper):


LED Light Strings:


Color Changing LED Light String: 

Cheaper Ebay Option:

Micro LED Light String:

Cheap Ebay Option:

Cheap Pair LED Light String:


More Options for string lights – they are all similar, and many web sites sell them (links to specific categories are shortened):

DIY LED Light Strips:

SuperbrightLED Flexible Light Strips: Color Dimmer/Controller: Battery Holder:


Bulk CR2032 Batteries: Search Ebay and sort by US Sellers 

AA and AAA Batteries: 

12-Battery Charger:



Also, cheap Chinese knockoffs for the budget-limited (search EBay for

the best price at the time) – don’t expect them to last though!  And buyer beware – you WILL pay more in the long run!  But here they are:

Other cheapo bike accessories: