New Belgium Fat Tire Bike Raffle


New Belgium has kindly donated a 2013 Fat Tire Bike to the NOLA Social Ride, so we are holding a raffle to give it away!!  The bike is manufactured by Felt, comes with 29″ wheels, a front basket and custom New Belgium logos all around!  Check out the photos below:

The raffle tickets will be $5 apiece, and we are setting a goal to sell 125 tickets by May 11, 2014.  Since we want to put the funds raised through raffle ticket sales to a good cause, all proceeds will be donated towards medical expenses for Lyn Morein’s recent breast cancer treatment.  Lyn was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and is now in the process of recovering from her treatment.  There is currently a GoFundMe campaign to help defray the costs of the resulting medical bills, which are estimated to be over $20k – even after insurance.  For more information go to

Tickets can be purchased at any of our Happy Thursday Rides between now and May 11.  Since the funds are going to a good cause, there will be no hard limit on the number of tickets that can be sold (only a time limit of approximately 1 month).  That means we may sell more or less than the goal of 125 tickets.  The raffle drawing will be at 2PM on Mother’s Day (May 11), and there will be a lunch picnic starting at 11AM prior to the drawing to celebrate giving away a special bike for a special cause. There will also be a croquet event by IKOC going on at The Fly at the same time, so there will be other activities before and after the raffle drawing! (more info on the IKOC event:

These limited-edition New Belgium Fat Tire Bikes don’t come around every day, so get your chance to win while you can! The event page for the raffle drawing can be found here: (Link).

Thanks again to New Belgium for making this possible, and if you want to donate to the fundraiser for Lyn’s medical bills independent of the raffle, just follow the GoFundMe link above!