Aug 132012

We had some stickers and tee shirts made up to help spread the words, “Happy Thursday!”  If you haven’t been on a ride lately, and would like some schwag, fear not we still have some.  We have ample supply of our stickers that are in 2 different designs.  1 is yellow and says, “Happy Thursday” (pictured above), and the other is black.  They are pictured above.

Our t-shirt stock is dwindling, but we have all the sizes covered from small to XXL.  Some are on white, black, and some have been tie-dyed.  Shirts are $20 for plain or $25 for tie-die.  All shirts have “People, Bikes, and NOLA” written on the bottom, and appear like the image below.  A fleur de lis is placed on the back of a few of the dyed shirts.  If you’d like some schwag, contact us at  If we do not have your size in stock, we will be placing an order again soon.  Stickers can be bought from Josh for $1 at Bayou Bicycles in Mid-City, or on one of our rides.  We can work it out if you’d like it shipped, but we’d prefer you meet us for a ride soon!


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