Jun 042011

     We always start at the same time 7pm, Thursdays.


    CooterBrowns_CapeRide.jpgWe start at a place that has food/drinks/bathrooms, because we know that some cruisers come straight from work. We then ride for about 30-45mins and stop at a park or a chill spot for about 15mins, then we ride for about 30-45min. We end at a waterhole for drink  or an eatery for grub.

    (Photo taken by Andrew O’Malley on the Caped Cruise-ador Ride) 

    What to expect if you attend a “Happy Thursday NOLA” Ride.  

    • We are not a bar crawl as we only stop at a place for drinks at the end. We might have a few during the chill spot. 🙂
    • We are a slow paced, fun bicycle ride that welcomes all bikers: cruisers, road racers, mountain riders, custom wheels…etc.
    • We have no other agenda other than getting together to ride bicycles.
    • Oh and don’t be surprised if you show up and everyone is in costumes.