Oct 122012

On Sept 18 at 8PM, tragedy struck the Bauer family.  Jason was only 5 years old, when he
was struck by a car, while crossing Jeff Hwy with his uncle on bicycles.
 Jason later died from the injuries he sustained from the hit and run

We are holding a memorial ride Friday, October 19 at 630PM for Jason Bauer Jr.

The ride will begin in front Cooter Brown’s at the intersection of Carrollton Ave & St. Charles Ave.  Here is a map with directions to the location.  We will ride down the levee to Ochsner Hospital and continue down Jeff Hwy to Newman St.  Here we will place a ghost bike, at the site of the accident, as well as hold a candlelight vigil and release balloons.  From there, we’ll make our way to the Rivershack on River Road.  We will pass a helmet around to
collect donations at the end of the ride to help the family with funeral
services. (A fund that has been setup to help support the family during
this difficult time at Capital One Bank under Jason L Bauer Jr).

need to be careful along Jeff Hwy.  We will not take up the entire road! 
We will ride in an orderly manner in the right lane to be safe &
respectful.  The law allows cyclists to ride side by side, so lets be
the better person.  Lights & a helmet are encouraged.

Details of the accident are online, and a clip from the WSDUTV6 news is below.  Check back with us as details develop, email us if you plan to attend or you want a copy of our flier to display.

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