May 192014

************************   THE MUSIC RIDES NOW STARTS AT   7 pm PROPMT ! ****************************************

This weeks ride will be led by Paul and Jody and should be a wonderful ride. Musically it is Sun Ra’s 100 birthday this week and we will end the ride at the Blue Nile for a musical celebration of Sun Ra which will be broadcast around the universe by WWOZ 90.7 FM!
Our route this week is going to take us up Esplanade to and through City Park with a stop at Banks St bar for NOLA County. The second stop after crossing  Mt Jeff Davis will be Gasa Gasa for the Gasa Gasa Orchestra. Then a stop at the swings is planned before our arrival where space will be the place at the Blue Nile for the event
Obviously the music of Sun Ra will be played during the ride.
It’s after the end of the world don’t you know that ?

*****************************THE MUSIC RIDE NOW STARTS AT  7PM  PROMPT***********************************