Jun 042011

The revolution will not be motorized!


We replace TV with actual human contact.

We build community one bike ride at a time.

We avoid commercial sponsorship and advertising.

We invite and include people from all demographics.

We encourage radical self expression and participation.

We put ritual other than consumerism back in our lives.

We respect the environment and practice leave no trace.

We practice civic responsibility and obey laws where applicable.



Happy Thursday Rides:

We meet every thursday 7pm & ride @ 7:30pm.


1st Thursday of the month “Uptown”-  Squeal Bar-B-Q at 8400 Oak St.


2nd Thursday of the month “Mid-City”- Finn McCools at 3701 Banks St.


3rd Thursday of the month “CBD/French Quarter”- The 12 Bar at 601 South Peters St


4th Thursday of the month “Can be Anywhere” – Check NOLA Social Ride’s Facebook Group for Info


We obey all traffic laws.

We respect all drivers no matter what they are drivin.’

We believe in “leave no trace.”

We believe that “less gears, means more beers.”


The “Happy Thursday” cruise is a slow paced ride that gives you a chance to see where you live in a new way, wish people a “Happy Thursday”, to turn off the TV for a night and meet great people that you might not run into in your normal life.