Sep 032013

Bike Registration.png

So we all see how many
bikes get reported stolen every single day. There are posts in the
group, as well as other bike groups and craigslist that we all see. Both
the NOPD and Tulane PD have bicycle registration programs, which can
help immensely if a stolen bicycle is later recovered. NOPD registration
is actually required by law for any bike purchased for over $100.

To help with the recovery of stolen bicycles and boost compliance with
the current registration requirements, Cafe Freret, NOPD, TUPD, Bike Easy
and NOLA Social Ride are coming together to provide FREE NOPD bicycle
registration to New Orleans Residents, and Free TUPD bicycle
registration for Tulane Students. The $3 fee for the NOPD bicycle
registration is being paid for by the Fraternal Order of Police. No
purchase receipt is required, although if you have one please bring it.
In the case of a missing receipt an affidavit will be provided to attest
to ownership of the bicycle, and notaries will be present and available
free of charge so that all required paperwork can be completed on-site.

NOTE: Bring your bike to register it! It must be present for inspection to get registered!!

Cafe Freret has taken the lead in organizing this event, and will also
be giving a 10% discount off food items to anyone who presents a
registration receipt, and there will be drink specials (TBA). The NOLA
Social Ride will be doing a ride around the Uptown area after the
bicycle registration is over, and showing off their brand-new NOPD
registration stickers!

I know quite a few of you have bikes
purchased from friends, Craigslist and bike resellers, and this is your
chance to skip the hassle of going to an NOPD district station or TUPD
HQ and dealing with fees and paperwork hassles just to get your bike
registered. Get legal and give yourself an edge on getting your bike
recovered if it is ever stolen – all at a convenient time and at no
charge! See you there!

Check our Facebook Event Page to RSVP and receive updates