Nov 192014


November 20th will be a special ride to show solidarity for all fallen cyclists: The Blue Rose Memorial Ride

The idea for the Blue Rose Memorial Ride comes from Chris Dickens, known to many as the Blue Guy on the Blue Bike. He lost his friend Robert Hartmann Jr. in a collision in 1997, and has been advocating for nightime bike safety through proper lighting ever since. His motto is “Be Seen, Be Safe: A $10 Device Can Save Your Life”, and it is very true.
You can find more about his ideas for the Blue Rose Memorial Ride here: ,
You can find more about his experience here:

Please feel free to bring whatever sort of commemoration you would like. Floating blue rose votive candles and LED lights can be found on Amazon or at the pool section of your local store. We will visit a fountain at the first stop and have a moment of silence for this occasion.

The ride will be meeting on the back porch of Manning’s ( Be sure to ask for the specials, as riders get 1/2 price appetizers and 2 for 1 drinks! If you plan on eating, it’s best to show up and get your order in early!

Afterparty will be at Carmo! Food and drink specials will be on the menu, and they have an awesome indoor space to park your bikes in!


Please note: Our goal is always to create a safe environment for all riders. We cannot control, nor do we desire to control, every rider’s behavior. Every rider is individually responsible for taking care of themselves and for the safe operation of their bicycles. Every person that joins the ride is accepting the risks which are inherent in riding a bicycle with a large group of other people riding bicycles. Please be courteous to each other as well as other traffic on the roadways, be safe and always be sure to leave no trace! Please be aware of your surroundings at all times and do not leave your valuables and belongings unattended without securing them. Please also read and abide by the 10 Rules of the Ride, which can be found here:

Please share this event on your timeline and use the “invite friends” button to invite others to join. For your friends that aren’t on Facebook, just send them to for info.