Bike Safety


Here’s a small compilation of bike safety resources.  Got something to add to the list?  Leave a comment!

First, go familiarize yourself with the applicable Bike Laws.  Get a copy of the New Orleans Bike Map (2013).  Then head over to the Louisiana Bike Guide and get started!


CyclingSavvy, and Commuter Orlando have some great resources for new and experienced riders alike:

10 Tips for Successful Cycling

Debunking Common Questions

The Confident Cyclist

What Cyclists Need To Know About Trucks  // Interactive Graphic

Crash Risk vs. Cyclist Behavior

Importance of Bicycle Driver Behavior


There are also some very good animations and videos from CyclingSavvy and Commuter Orlando:

Animation: Why Bike Boxes Don’t Prevent Right Hooks

Animation: The Left Cross

Animation: Don’t get Squeezed Too Far to the Right\

Video: Lane Control

Video: Preventing Right Hooks

Preventing the Big 3 Intersection Crashes:


Bicycle Safety Tips and Laws (from LADOTD Bicycle Suitability Map)Safety Tips Combined - reduced size

More tips for cyclists and motorists from Bike Easy’s Bike Map:


Bike Easy Map Cycling Tips

And some good infographics from around the web:


Tips for Group Riding:

Group Ride Etiquette

Social Cycling Pros, Cons and Tips: It’s a Group Effort


The League of American Bicyclists also has great resources:

Smart Cycling Resources

Bike Maintenance How-to’s,

Videos with all sorts of cycling basics such as intersection positioning, where to ride, basic mechanical checks, fitting and adjusting your bike, and even how to choose a bike.

Find a class or become a League Cycling Instructor!


Finally, some video PSA’s from the Regional Planning Commission: