Oct 152014

This October marks the 4th year since the founding of the NOLA Social Ride! We would like to mark the occasion with a birthday party that all the riders can enjoy!  Our birthday party is Sunday, October 26th in City Park.  This event will be a BYOB picnic starting at 2PM.  Here’s the specific location (shown below)
We will be setting up early to start grilling and chilling around 2PM. Around 4PM we will start the awards ceremony, where we will give out various prizes in a number of categories.  Keep reading for more on the awards.

Around 6PM we will pack up and head out for a ride to celebrate our 4th year in existence (and looking forward to more)! We will return to our original spot so that anyone who drove in with supplies will be able to get their cars out safely.

Check Facebook Event for more info & updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/778142028917141/
A Google Doc has been created so you can sign up to bring certain items and we can avoid 15 people bring chicken wings.  Open the Google Doc and pencil yourself in for an item you can bring to share.  We appreciate it.


We will be giving out awards for your favorite Rider or Bike the categories below.  Voting has been divided into 3 sections.  Please take the time to vote!

NSR 2014 RIDER Awards – PART 1:

NSR 2014 RIDER Awards – PART 2:

NSR 2014 BIKE Awards:

Here are the categories;

Most Creative Ride Leader
Best Ride Ranger
The Weapons Expert (most helpful ride mechanic)
Friendliest Rider
Best Attendance
Most Spirited Male
Most Spirited Female
Best Male Costumer
Best Female Costumer
Best Wipeout
Most Wipeouts
Most Flats
Best DJ
Flirtiest Male Rider
Flirtiest Female Rider
Best Afterparty Host
Most Intoxicated

Best Vintage Bicycle
Brightest Bicycle
Coolest Lights
Best Decorated Bicycle
Loudest Bike
Widest Load
Best Tandem Bike
Best Modified Bike
Most “Pimp” Ride

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