Apr 122015



This week’s theme is Animals!

It’s also Bike to Work Week!  Bike Easy will be doing a Bike to Work Week Happy Hour at Grand Isle!  This is right across the street from our normal starting spot (Manning’s), so only a slight change in routine.   There will be drink specials, bike valet will be provided, and raffle prizes like bicycles, bike lights, stickers, Bike Easy memberships, etc!

The Bike to Work Week Happy Hour starts at 4:30PM, so don’t be afraid to show up early! We will roll out at 8PM sharp.

Ending location is TBD, details will be announced when available.

Facebook RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/807286545987955/

Event Calendar Link: http://www.nolasocialride.org/events/animals-in-the-cbd-this-thursday/ 


Please note: Our goal is always to create a safe environment for all riders. We cannot control, nor do we desire to control, every rider’s behavior. Every rider is individually responsible for taking care of themselves and for the safe operation of their bicycles. Every person that joins the ride is accepting the risks which are inherent in riding a bicycle with a large group of other people riding bicycles. Please be courteous to each other as well as other traffic on the roadways, be safe and always be sure to leave no trace! Please be aware of your surroundings at all times and do not leave your valuables and belongings unattended without securing them. Please also read and abide by the 10 Rules of the Ride, which can be found here:http://www.nolasocialride.org/rulesoftheride/

Pick up your trash at every stop, and leave your glass bottles at home!!