Aug 122014

NSR Camping Trip

That’s right, kids! NOLA Social Ride is taking it across the lake…AGAIN! 

The NOLA Social Ride is going camping and we’re gonna do a ride! You can just meet up with us on Saturday if you don’t want to camp. No worries. Whether you come camping or not, you are more than welcome to come up for the day and take this ride with us.

The campers will be heading over to the Mandeville Trailhead for 9am. We’ll hang out there, shop, and enjoy the music until 10:30am so that anyone wanting to meet up with us has a chance to. From there we will be taking the St. Tammany Trace all the way to the Covington Brewhouse for their 11:30am tour, then to the Abita Brewery for their 1pm tour, then we’ll be biking back towards the Mandeville Trailhead to grab a late lunch/early dinner at the Old Rail Brewing Company.

This is going to be a 33 mile round trip ride. It won’t be fast, but it will be long. We’ll stop for breaks on the trace to drink water and rest. We do this route for the Louisiana Bike Festival and it’s not hard. We’ve even had a few people do it on cruisers and even a recumbent. Don’t let it intimidate you.

**Must be 21+ with valid ID to do the brewery tours!**

Please RSVP to Facebook Event Page:


Fountainebleau State Park:

Mandeville Trailhead:

Covinton Brewhouse:

Abita Brewery Tour:

Old Rail Brewing Company:


REMINDER: Our goal is always to create a safe environment for all riders. We cannot control, nor do we desire to control, every rider’s behavior. Every rider is individually responsible for taking care of themselves and for the safe operation of their bicycles. Every person that joins the ride is accepting the risks which are inherent in riding a bicycle with a large group of other people riding bicycles. Please be courteous to other each other as well as other traffic on the roadways, be safe and always be sure to leave no trace!

Don’t forget to do a once-over on your bike! Check your tire pressure, brakes, shift your gears, oil your chain, tighten up your nuts/quick releases, etc. We have experienced mechanics on the ride that can help with your bike issues, but try to make it easier on them by keeping your bike in good working order before we roll! If you need a recommendation for a good bike shop, just drop us a line at! If you are a new rider, please check out our riding tips here: