Oct 272014


Our 4th Birthday Party was a blast!  We wanted to take the time to recognize individuals who help make NOLA Social Ride what it is.  Many people volunteer their time to keep this machine running.  We also thank New Belgium Brewing for donating beer for the party!  With a crowd of over a hundred, we drank every bit of it.  We came up with numerous categories for awards and had you vote on who your favorite rider or bike was.  The results are in & listed below.  Thank you to those who gave piles of spare parts & those who turned broken parts into spectacular awards.



Most Creative Ride Leader:  Scott Plaisance
Most Dedicated Ride Ranger:  Tyronne Smith Sr.
The Weapons Expert (best ride mechanic):  Dr. Ronald R. Ferrucci
Friendliest Rider:  Kali Snellings   (Friendliest Rider Honorable Mention: Joseph Dixon)
Best Attendance:  Lisa Dahlke
Most Spirited Male:  Jeff Darlak
Most Spirited Female:  Rachael Johnson
(Most Spirited Honorable Mention:  RoseWhodat Napier
Best Male Costumer:  Andrew V Klaila
Best Female Costumer:  Kerry Wolf
Best Wipeout:  Bill Kimber
Most Wipeouts:  Steven JP Pool
Most Flats:  Seymour Buttss
Best DJ:  Alec Laurence Talbot Fatherree
Flirtiest Male Rider:  Zegmorien Scott Alamode
Flirtiest Female Rider:  Donna Kennedy
Best Afterparty Host:  Jay Mersch
Most Intoxicated:  Andrew O’Malley

Best Vintage Bicycle:  Cassandra Gibbs
Brightest Bicycle:  Blueguy Onabluebike
Coolest Lights:  Chase Crawford
Best Decorated Bicycle(s):  Ritchie and Mindy Jordan
Loudest Bike:  Francis Vehonsky
Widest Load:  Travis Cisneros
Best Tandem Bike:  RedLight New Orleans & Kkyle Stevens
Best Modified Bike:  Jason Beck
Most “Pimp” Ride:  Twonie Jones

Tuesday Music Ride Organizer Award:  Bob Rod
Tuesday Music Ride, Best Contributor:  Paul Parmer
Fitness Ride Organizer Award:  Eric Edmundson
Most Pop-Ups/Assman Award:  Christopher Williams
Saturday Night Sprints Organizer Award:  King Lanaux
Sunday Funday Spillway Organizer Award:  Jason and Cassandra
Oldest Rider:  Luis Holmes
Oz Award (Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain):  Jonathan Kennedy
First Place:  Bill Katzenmeyer
Philanthropy Award:  Clint Pigg
Best Drunken Pregnant Redneck/Great Pop-Up Rides Award:  Niki Tregre Mouton

Website Gurus: Fionn Casey, Ron Ferrucci, and Joshua Baer
Costuming Dedication: Emily Donahue
Freakasaurus: Kris O’Brien
Friendly New Participant #1: Karen Kate Crayton
Friendly New Participant #2: Julie Congi
Overall Lights & Music: Matt Sheppard
Resilient Old Fart: Brian Opert
Award Supplies Donations: David White, Joshua Baer, Rose Napier
Award Builders: Ben Guillaume, Wendi Morris, Robert Sparks, Lauren Wood, Jeff Darlak, Rachael Johnson

Thanks to everyone for their varied and wonderful contributions throughout the past year! Just because you aren’t on this list of awards doesn’t mean you aren’t noticed! Rock it on into our 5th year!

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